Third Party Love

Third party love services.

I‘ve waded through quite a few third party services/plugins over the past five years. Each service was measured on several items: Performance, Price, UX/UI Design, Responsive design, and Reviews (Colleague & Online). Eight Third Party services have passed my test and I have implemented various combinations into my clients projects.

Below are the top eight that made the my list:

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The Face of Business

Business Cards.

Selecting the proper design for your personal or company business card is an important task. Generic and lifeless business cards that don’t speak to your skills or brand is like shooting yourself and future business in the foot. That is why I suggest designing and developing a fresh new business card that no one has ever seen before. People want to work with the cutting edge and not something that others have used over and over again.


“Generic and lifeless business cards that don’t speak to your skills or brand is like shooting yourself and future business in the foot. “


Shawn Ryan, Singer, Actor, Comedian, lover of life and chances are, of YOU too!, came to me for a fresh new business card. The original idea for the business card was to mimic a California drivers license. Creating a “Hey you gave me your drivers, ooo wait” kind of interaction that makes an impression and stands out from the other cards that one would collect at a networking event.

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Designing Diversity: Logo

Building Diversity in Science is a Nonprofit located in Daly City, CA. Their mission is to inspire, empower and support underrepresented groups in the pursuit of STEM careers through platforms that include knowledge sharing, self-discovery and creating life-balance. That being said, their branding and website didn’t measure up to their mission and purpose. After meeting with the BDIS board and discussing what they liked and disliked with their current website, logo design started with the above options (view slider above).


“Visionary, Creative, Bold, Leader”


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A4F Wine Barrel

Amador Four Fires Festival – A new concept wine and food festival to ignite your senses. Definitely a bold tag line to convey; however, that was my task when I joined the A4F Team. Set in Amador County California, #A4F was a project that Deirdre Mueller and Craig Palmer joined forces to make it happen.


“Pure organic color with a strong metallic ribbing that resonates a fresh new concept …”


Reading the tag line over in my head during the early stages of the project evoked certain emotion and color schemes. The majority of wine festival branding, from my experience, utilize vineyard imagery. I fully understand their reasoning, but that was not the direction to take with a new concept wine and food festival. Searching for the perfect backdrop to paint this new concept led me to a full day photo recon in Amador County.

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